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Tax Regularization of Foreign Accounts

Our tax law firm assists its clients for the regularization of their account abroad either at the request of the tax authorities or to set up a spontaneous regularization.

These regularization files are often a vector of "stress" for our clients and we mainly take care of managing your file entirely with the tax authorities without having to meet a tax inspector while obviously trying to obtain tax treatment from your situation.

The tax regularization of these accounts may seem complicated, but our team of tax lawyers is here to help you.


Tax clearance of foreign bank accounts may be necessary to avoid potential tax penalties and protect your assets. We can help you understand the tax reporting requirements for foreign bank accounts, as well as the options available to help you meet these obligations.


Our team can also help you understand  the challenges of tax regularization, such as limitation periods, applicable tax rates, and potential consequences for your assets. We can also advise you on the best options to minimize the tax costs associated with this regularization of your foreign bank accounts.


We are committed to helping you resolve any tax issues efficiently and quickly. We're also here to help you understand the potential consequences for your long-term finances and to give you the tools you need to make the right tax decisions.

In practice, individuals who hold a bank account not declared to the tax authorities suffer from persistent concern about their situation.


Our tax law firm assists you to represent you and prepare your regularization file in order to allow tax regularization to an acceptable amount of tax reminders.

We set up flat rates depending on the complexity of your file and we also simulate the total amount of the adjustment before sending  your file.

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