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Avocat Fiscaliste Paris


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Avocat fiscaliste Paris

In general, tax law is a subject that is difficult to access for companies and individuals.

Taxation is indeed a very technical subject and requires monthly monitoring of its news in order to properly analyze its interpretation.

Mastery offiscal lawis therefore not easy for a non-professional and it happens veryoften that companies orindividualsfind themselves in a situation oftax auditwith significant adjustments in terms of VAT or corporation tax or evensurcharges for tax evasion when they felt they were in good standing. In addition, we note more and more that rectifications concerning a company can have significant tax consequences on the personal situation of the director with rectifications concerning distributed income. It is therefore very important to contact your tax lawyer during the administrative control operations in order to reduce as much as possible the rectifications that can be notified by a rectification proposal.

We also note that transfers of tax residence in France for anon-resident or outside France for a resident are situations that should not be overlooked because these cross-border transactions are carefully examined by the tax authorities. We can only encourage you to consult us in order to complete the departure formalities   and to understand the tax aspects of your situation.

In such cases, it is indeed very important to get closer to a tax lawyer capable of understandingyour situation and to provide you with tax advice adapted to your situation or to ensure your defense during a tax audit.

If you are in this kind of situation, our team of tax lawyers in Paris will be delighted to help you.provide assistance.

With expertise in tax law and moreparticularly in international taxation, our firmavocadoin tax law in Paris has a fundamental mission which is to provide each of our clientsa single solution to all their problems related to taxation and international taxation.

In thisvision, we offer you our assistance for advice in personal taxation, corporate taxation, wealth taxation and especially in international taxation.

Our tax team has avision of listening first, which means that we listen to our customers first and wethen offer advicetaxes adapted to theirsituation.

What are our values ?

Our expertise ranges from international taxation to corporate taxation, personal taxation and more, providing our clients with all the various advice in one place. Our teams' experience helps us provide the best advice to all of our clients.

avocat fiscal Paris

We choose transparency as our core value because we believe in maintaining full accountability to our clients. We try to include them in each of our planning meetings and explain each action of ours in the simplest way possible, so that they also understand what is happening and what could happen next.


As we believe in listening first to the needs and problems of our client and only then to strategy the unfolding of our action plan. We make sure to provide tailor-made and well-tailored solutions for all tax-related issues.

Tax lawyer: 5 reasons to team up
Diversity of expertise

Our law firm provides information on various areas of tax law. We cover personal taxation on your personal property and expenses, corporate taxation related to your investments and transactions, adjustment of foreign accounts if you have moved to a new country, and much more.


The diversity of our expertise is infinite when it comes to tax law problems and their solutions.

Time saving

As our company guides all tax-related queries, you don't have to search for a firm that meets your specific needs.


We live up to our commitment to provide the best answers all in one place, which also saves you time and money.

Efficient analysis

We try to provide the best remedies for all your tax problems.


Even if you have any doubts related to your taxes or have a very vague idea of your tax problem, don't worry, bring it to us and we will provide you with an in-depth analysis and action plan that take care of all your difficulties. .

Help at all levels

No matter how precise or minute your question is, let us know and our team will be on it. As a team, we are not afraid to take on tough tasks and provide the best remedies that strike the perfect balance between the law and your needs.

Help at all levels

We strive to offer the best solution to all our customers on the occasion of a simple tax consultation or during a more complex or longer file (complex structuring, tax audit or tax litigation).

Quick consultation

Our team of tax lawyers offer their clients a consultation in tax law in a timely manner in order to deal with any new difficulty. We have set up an online booking system for consultations with a tax lawyer through google meet or zoom.

Be by your side with your tax lawyer 
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Our tax law firm specializes in tax issues. 

Our tax lawyers are highly qualified professionals who are familiar with tax laws. We have in-depth knowledge of national and international tax laws, and we can help our clients understand the complexity of taxation.

We help individuals and businesses understand tax laws and plan their finances to minimize their taxation. We can also assist our clients in negotiating agreements with the tax authorities to solve existing tax problems or to effectively fulfill their tax obligations.

Our tax lawyers can help our clients in their professional or personal life. 

For example, we can help companies plan their tax structuring to minimize tax impact or understand the tax implications of different investment options to reduce tax impact. Similarly, our tax lawyers assist their individual clients to plan their estate in order to minimize the inheritance tax payable or to reduce their income tax.

In the event of a dispute, our tax lawyers represent their clients before the courts in the event of a tax dispute. We can help our clients understand tax adjustments, defense options, and prepare a strong defense to represent them in court. 


Our tax law firm has also set up an online website so that it can easily reach its clients, no matter where they are, working with the main vision of “expertise for all”.

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Avocat fiscal Paris

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